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Pigments with Power.

A pigment is a material that gives color when added to a plastic, paint, or other material. Designer Marble Colors by BroCom specializes in non-toxic, powdered pigments used mostly for Cultured Marble and Solid Surface products. Our finely ground pigments can be used for many household applications to help you customize a new or remodeled space.

Years of experience

creating a wide spectrum of color

Some pigments, such as lead-based pigments, can be toxic and should be avoided to ensure a safe and healthy environment. All Designer Marble Colors pigments are LEAD-FREE and always have been. Pigments can be used to create a wide spectrum of colors, from bright and vibrant to muted and subtle, and may include a variety of effects.

Powder Pigments

Powder pigments have many advantages. They are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of products and provide a high level of color with a very small amount of pigment. Powder pigments are very safe and non-toxic while also durable and able to withstand various environmental conditions. While some powder pigments can be difficult to mix and disperse evenly, the finely ground, cosmetic grade powder pigments of Designer Marble Colors are engineered to provide a more even disbursement of color.

Dry Pigments

Dry pigments are the most durable option for Cultured Marble and Solid Surface experts. These pigments can be custom color matched to fit any project. Check out our color chart for available pigment formulas or contact us for your custom color blend. Dry pigments from Designer Marble Colors by BroCom will always be non-toxic and safe for your home or business.

Pigment Manufacturing

Our pigment manufacturing process takes the best raw materials to a fine cosmetic grade particle that offers you an even and consistent color for your product. Once our high-quality raw materials are selected they are processed to extract the pigment. This process begins when we test them for heat and light stability, toxicity, and purity before drying, crushing, and grinding the materials until they are a fine cosmetic-grade powder. Once they are a fine powder, we surface treat them to keep out as much moisture as possible and seal our finished product in airtight, factory-sealed one pound and five pound cartons.

Ready to order? Check out our pigment color chart, find out about our color match procedures, or visit our pricing page. Need more help? Contact us now.