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Our History.

Designer Marble Colors by BroCom has over fifty years of experience blending and formulating lead-free, non-toxic pigments to help our clients create their dream Cultured Marble and Solid Surface products. We specialize in manufacturing dry powdered colors for Cultured Marble and Solid Surface products and have produced millions of pounds of LEAD-FREE dry pigment for customers around the world.

Our Team

— meet the team

Richard Adame


Carol ‘Lou’ Baumgartner

Quality Control & Lab

Rolando Pineda

Color Technician

David & Carol Witherington

Years of experience

A Culture of Perfection

Designer Marble Colors by BroCom knows you can’t afford to repair or replace parts when they come out of the mold full of color flairs, streaks, and other color defects. That’s why we surface treat and seal all our pigments to protect against outside humidity and eliminate possible problems in your shop.

When pigment is simply ground but not treated it can absorb atmospheric moisture causing pigment agglomerates in your mix. To prevent this, all Designer Marble Colors are mechanically ground down to a cosmetic grade particle size to ensure uniform and complete dispersion of pigment. It is then dried and surface treated with a special hydrophobic chemical designed to repel any water these dried pigments may later come into contact with during their shelf life. Keeping moisture out of dried pigment keeps the pigment particles from sticking together and causing specks or other pigment agglomerates.

We pride ourselves in being a LEAD-FREE supplier of pigments. We emphasize LEAD pigment dangers on our site simply because they are dangerous. While many lead pigments are still sold across the country, our Designer Marble Colors line has never contained lead pigments and never will. You can be guaranteed safety from lead liability when you use Designer Marble Colors.

Ready to order? Check out our pigment color chart, find out about our color match procedures, or visit our pricing page. Need more help? Contact us now.