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Generally speaking you cannot see colors accurately on anyone's web site unless you calibrate your computer monitor, and the software to do this is pretty expensive.

We do not expect anyone to calibrate their monitor to our web site, and therefore we must warn you that the exact color you see on our site might not be what you end up with in your plant. The color plaques on our web site are as close an approximation as we can get on-screen but should not be the sole factor used to judge the end colors. We do our best with the technology that is available and we think we are being helpful to marble shops around the world. We welcome your comments.

If you want (or feel you need) physical color samples in your office, we can sell you a Showroom Quality Catalog and you can use our injection molded color plaques as color standards. Our catalogs contain approximately 100 color plaques covering Kohler©, American Standard©, Eljer©, Universal Rundel©, and some proprietary BroCom© base colors. Some shops buy our catalogs in quantity and hand them out to all the builders in their area. In the hands of a builder these catalogs will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and generate orders and profits for both of us. Our new "smartphone" catalog capability is easy to use and makes our color chart available to you anywhere in the world.

We emphasize LEAD pigment dangers on our site because they are dangerous. You may have some in your plant, as they were still being sold across the country, so do not assume you are safe just because you bought your colors from a "reputable" supplier. Look at the Safety Data Sheets, and the container label. If they say "may contain Lead" you are liable. Our Designer Marble Colors© line has never contained Lead pigments and never will.

We will ship anywhere in the world. If the color lines and choices in your country are different from what we offer in our catalog, we will be happy to color match to all your local color series - at no charge. We are always interested in developing new applications and customers.
All our product is packaged in five pound and one pound factory sealed cartons. We only sell bulk pigment to OEM manufacturers (companies who make granite chips or use our pigment in other high volume applications) simply because they use the product up so fast that opening five pound containers one after the other is impractical. We do not sell bulk to marble shops because pigment should not set around in open containers, no matter who you buy it from.

Finally, to make the attorneys happy, all trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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